Real Estate & Property Management


If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place! We are re-creating the way people view real estate through the incorporation of a hybrid approach that includes Real Estate, Property Management and Property Maintenance. This means you can draw upon a highly skilled team, each member an expert in their respective field, combining their talents to make an all-star team centered on making your real estate experience a breeze. 

When buying a new home or investment property, one of our experienced agents will help guide you through the process. If you have one rental property or a portfolio of rental properties, we can manage the tenants and the property from start to finish. Even If your investment property or home requires work, our contracting team can complete the work in a timely, professional and competent manner.  

From a first time buyer to a real estate investor or homeowners association, We take an all-encompassing approach that utilizes hassle-free, effective and efficient management practices to improve the lives of our clients, homeowners and residents. When it comes to buying or selling a home, maintaining your investment or managing your property, we are here to help make your life simpler.

Taking Real Estate to a Whole New Level   ​    
Everything we do is designed to help you achieve your financial goals!  From managing and 
improving your real property assets to helping you buy your first home, we are here to help.


One Havre de Grace Business Recently Took a Stand - July 22, 2016; Baltimore Sun; That Business – Harford Property Services – Pledged to cover

Harford Property Services Pays "Pay to Play" Fees for Havre de Grace High School - July 13, 2016; Dagger; Harford Property Services (HPS)...

Harford Property Services Covers High School Drama Fees - July 14, 2016; Baltimore Sun; Harford Property Services, has pledged financial support... 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in Rental Units - HB 849/SB 182; Passed the 2016 legislative session and was signed into Law by Gov. Hogan. 

Resale Documents for HOA's & Condos - HB 1192/SB 816; Passed the 2016 legislative session and was signed into Law by Gov. Hogan.