Management for Associations

Homeowner & condominium associations serve an important function in communities throughout Maryland by providing a wide range of services for homeowners and residents. We work with board members, homeowners, and residents in each community to create a unique property management plan to meet each association’s specific needs. We use state of the art management and accounting software combined with knowledgeable property managers to effectively manage each association. We also help coordinate services to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. In addition, we help coordinate board and general meetings to ensure they comply with a variety of laws that include the Homeowners Association Act, Condominium Act, and Lien Act. 



  • TRANSPARENCY - Every association we manage includes our HPS Online Management System where every homeowner can securely login to request service repairs and view: their account balance, meeting minutes, community announcements, association finances, and association documents including bylaws, declaration, & rules and regulations.  SEE AN EXAMPLE OF OUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

  • ON-LINE BILL PAY - Dues and assessments can be paid in a single payment online or homeowners can set-up a reoccurring payment. 

  • AFFORDABLE - Your dues are based on the expenses of the association - STOP OVERPAYING.   We have saved associations thousands of dollars when they switch from other management companies with hidden fees.   

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - When you call during business hours, you will speak directly with a real person.  If you call after business hours, we have on-call manager for emergencies.  If you e-mail our management team you will get a response within one business day.  

  • WE ARE IN THE COMMUNITY - We are investing in marked vehicles for our managers and encourage high viability and being approachable when we are in your neighborhood.  We also offer a quarterly newsletter at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  SEE AN EXAMPLE OF OUR HPS COMMUNITY CHRONICLE.


Below is a list of our association services we can customize to meet your community needs:

  • Access to our secure interactive online management portal system with special board member access to essential management tools such as architectural request, collection activities, and much more 
  • Maintain records and files relating to management
  • Deposit association/corporate funds into appropriate bank accounts
  • Collect dues and assessments by credit card, online system, and U.S. Mail 
  • Disburse payments for approved expenses from working funds
  • Administer checking, saving and other accounts
  • Maintain and provide a monthly and annual accounting of all funds collected and disbursed
  • Assist in the preparation of an annual operating budget
  • Handle and perform all billing and collection for common charges and other assessments
  • Pursue collection of delinquent charges or assessments
  • Report delinquent accounts to Transunion and other credit bureaus
  • Arrange for suitable meeting places for board meetings, special meetings, and annual meetings
  • Prepare and send meeting notices to board members, officers, directors, and members
  • Attend regular meetings and board meetings 
  • Maintain minutes of all meetings
  • Maintain a directory of all members
  • Advise and/or arrange any repairs or maintenance that must be performed to keep the grounds in good order 
  • Supervise and oversee maintenance and grounds keeping of common areas
  • Solicit and administer contracts necessary to repair, maintain or improve the grounds and common space
  • Pursue and obtain competitive bids for services from contractors
  • Provide a special 24 hour answering service 
  • Investigate members’ complaints 
  • Respond to members' correspondence
  • Coordinate the association’s legal proceedings and collection efforts with an attorney 
  • Any other duties needed to achieve successful management
Our Mission is Your Success